Artist Statement

My work is primarily made up of two bodies.  One is commission based and always animal in content.  The other is more personal and acts as a record or journal of my life.  My intention is, in both bodies, to capture a feeling, thought or image that is dear to the heart; either for me or for another.  In the case of a commission I work closely with the client to understand their relationship to the animal involved.  In the case of my personal work, I listen closely to myself and travel inwards to retrieve the images that lay curled inside me……..In all my work there is an intention to record something of ‘Time’.

Anchored in the discipline of Life Study I draw regularly from life.  This is an essential tool and a base from which all other creativity is influenced.  It provides the space to explore skills and imagination and the challenge always to see, to translate and to learn.

I tend to stick to a limited palette often preferring monochromatic schemes.  My intention is to create atmosphere and feeling through marks, shape and texture.  One image is never enough. One style never satisfies.  My process involves many repetitions as I explore the relationship of shape and form.  Using dry media such as charcoal, pastel and pencil gives speed and coverage to an idea or feeling.  Often I will progress an image through to painting but it is never the final goal…..just another part of the journey.

Printmaking is another process that I am inspired by and practice.  It is a relatively new media to me and one that I am currently investigating.   

Throughout my work there is reference to the movement of time in the constant use of circles.  These simple shapes surround us daily and it is the visible movement of the sun and moon (our Great Circles or Spheres) that guide us all through time.

My intention is always to capture a sense of movement in a static  world of imagery.
For everything is in motion and where one image stops another begins.

Hannah Thomas