All the work shown in this category has been created in a Life Class environment. They are spontaneous responses to the model and the pose, the lighting and the space.

Most poses are relatively short (20-40minutes) and therefore require quick decisions and rapid recording….this is never about capturing a perfect representation but about seeing and translating, grasping the minutes to make marks and develop interesting shapes, using tone to create form and volume.

All isn’t what it seems: there is a need to look, and to look again. What you think is there often isn’t….. So thinking is suspended in order to allow ‘seeing’ to really happen. Allowing the opportunity to see the beauty of light and form in space!

The Life Class is an essential tool. It not only provides a regular discipline of creative space to explore skills and imagination but also, it brings artists together. It’s a place to work hard and relax...... A place of artistic discipline and of freedom. Ultimately the Life Class is an ongoing process of learning and discovery.



Monday, 14 December 2015