Doodle Doll

Brainchild of artist Shelly Wyn-de-Bank, the Doodle Doll quite simply is a plain, small, cotton stuffed figure left bare for people to doodle on.  It is an outlet for all manner of expression and as such has no boundaries…….doodled by young and old and everything in between!

My doll acted as a therapeutic tool allowing me to revert back to an old style of drawing and explore what makes me tick.  

The natal chart on the belly is accurate to me and pins down my beginnings in ‘Time’….the moon phases refer to ever moving time.  
The cogs make reference to the invisible brilliance of the working machine that is our body…..and its delicate nature.
The wire is a literal translation of the drawn line and freedom of doodling.  It also makes my doll stand upright poised in balance…..but can topple over at any time.
Finally, there are the Crows/Rooks…..these are my thoughts and ideas manifest.  A raucous racket or a cacophony of silence, the crows represent thinking as a process.
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