Selfie a Day 2015-16

Making a ‘Selfie’ a day for a year is an exploration of the mechanism of ‘looking’.  The project began 16th March 2015 and is continuing.  The work produced is a personal journey and an honest response to the space I have created.

Essentially a drawing exercise extended across a year my guidelines were to give myself up to one hour a day to produce an image of myself.  Using the same size card (mostly) to draw on (17.5 x 11.5 cm) and having no limitations on media….pens, pencils, ink, acrylic, collage, printmaking, stencils etc.

I sit before a mirror and look….and see what happens.  Some days I only have 20 minutes to draw…..other days I could draw for hours but when the timer goes off, that’s it!!  One hour can seem like an eternity or no time at all!!  The images that come are a little like me in places….but they are totally me in reality as this is what I have done.  There are no cover-ups…..the bad days are there in full glory.   Sometimes I cannot look at myself outwardly but instead travel inwards to the image that I feel I am on that day, in that moment.  Occasionally I just doodle my ‘Selfie’….or I write my ‘Selfie’… face is always there somewhere.

This is a sketchbook not just of my face, it’s a tiny insight into my life with Crohn’s disease and the limitations that present with the ever moving tide of chronic illness.  It’s a way of maintaining the discipline of drawing and recording time whilst I tackle a Monster that likes to intrude on my daily life!!

This body of work will be exhibited alongside accompanying work in 2016.
Details to be confirmed.